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Critical real-time product tracking for location, temperature, and impact.

Real time 24/7 remote web based monitoring
Our revolutionary covert tracking technologies extend visibility down to the product level, not just the carrier’s vehicle. Real-time 24/7 tracking of location, temperature, impact, plus humidity and many others, gives continuous visibility and control of transport issues, as well as a full product audit trail to quickly resolve issues.


Real-time alerts enable immediate preventative action. Act on the unauthorised crossing of digital boundaries, container door openings, and temperature or impact thresholds, to tackle theft, shrinkage and reduce product damage.



Supply chain security for the unprecedented protection of high-value high-risk products.

Track Trace expertise for transport through today's global supply chains
Traceall is a track and trace technology company providing tracking and traceability solutions to protect the products of manufacturers and their logistics providers. Our solutions tighten security for products at risk from theft or damage during transport, such as computers and consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals and biotech, hazardous and dangerous goods, or food and perishables.


Sell more and lose less with powerful, low cost solutions that work.

Comprehensive and secure full web services offering
Traceall provide a low cost, comprehensive web services solution with secure data processing that is fully supported and maintained. Web based access allows for unlimited secure access and multiple reports mean different users immediately get the information they need.


With 10 years high risk product track-trace expertise and as specialist advisors to the Transport and Logistics Industry, British Government and EU Administration, Traceall deliver solutions that work to an international blue chip client base, enabling them to sell more and lose less.